Dani Vilagie - co founder - Wicked Good Bake ShopHi! I’m Dani Vilagie, the daughter-owner of Wicked Good! Through hard work, a ton of patience and a wicked friendly “tude”, I’ve climbed my way from living with Mum to owning a multi-million dollar business. When I’m not covered in frosting, I’m quad racing with my hubby, playing with my pets (two pups, a black cat, and a super cute Munchkin cat), or obsessing over tattoos. I actually kept my first (and biggest) tattoo – a pair of red dragon wings down my back – a secret from my mom for about two years. That’s my third biggest accomplishment (being a part of Wicked Good is obviously number one)! My second is meeting actor Norman Reedus. I could talk about my love for him for days, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

I’m barely a quarter-century old, so I’ve still got a ton of learning left to do. But I’m confident that what I learned so far is pretty cool for anyone to read about. How many 25-year olds can say they’ve rung the NASDAQ bell (still learning what NASDAQ is though)?

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