What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Really Want?

Ah. The age old question that has men scratching their heads in confusion and then banging their heads in frustration.

The immediate response would be the obvious. Diamonds, travel, chocolate. That might have been true 50 years ago but today’s woman is not as easily wooed.

In talking to my various female friends and cohorts, I began to notice a pattern. Women are not in the market for “shiny bobbles” as my husband often says. But in reality, we want experiences. Tiny moments that are forever treasured, the courage to take on change or opportunity without worrying about being teased or ridiculed. That our “Wonder Woman” moments don’t include fighting crime in a bustier but rather realizing when we get to the supermarket that we wore our slippers instead of shoes and we still have the moxie to pull that look off with our heads held high…And time. We want more time with family and friends.

Some of the things we yearn for are impossible to grant. Like having our grown adult children little again. Especially during the holidays.

We want that feeling of romance and new love with our existing partners…Exciting and spontaneous. But sadly missing as we trudge on through our day to day lives. And no. A dozen vacuum cleaner bags are not at all like a dozen roses, Scott.

We want to feel free to be ourselves. As women mature, we go through several iterations of ourselves. That perfectly tailored, the Banana Republic clad, 40 something may find herself attracted to a more Bo-Ho vibe in her 50’s. We want the security and judgment-free support of family and friends to explore this new side of ourselves without the fear of ridicule or the suggestion of trying some new meds.

We want wrinkles, gray hair and a few extra pounds to be seen as badges of honor. Signs of a life well lived and enjoyed. Not simply the absence of youth. We’re well-lived and experienced, not old.

We want respect in the workspace and at home. We want the world to know we are intelligent, kind, strong and tenacious.

We want our male coworkers to know that we are here to stay and are making strides in the workplace that cannot be denied or ignored.  #lookout

We want our children to know that we are humans with feelings who have bad days, who sometimes are extremely tired and yet are willing to lay our lives down for you. So next time could you maybe put that glass in the dishwasher instead of the sink?  (Newsflash: The dishwasher is right next to the sink…Look DOWN)

At the end of the day, all we really want is someone to listen. To hold our hand. To give us a hug. To understand that work and advancement is as important to us as it is to you. Please understand that quiet time doesn’t mean we don’t want to be with you. We just need that time to mentally regroup, to dream big and let our creativity flow. We want you to know a phone call or even better yet, a visit means more than any “shiny bobble” ever could.

Women aren’t complicated. We’re simply human.