Thinking Of Our Beloved Troops

A Taste of Home.

At Wicked Good, we’re always looking for ways to give back to our community. My husband Scott proposed our Pay it Forward Friday campaign which runs every week, all year long. It’s really a very simple concept.

As much as we love our Pay it Forward Fridays, our big campaign is our “A Taste of Home” cupcake jar pledge drive.

The beginning of November, we ask our customers, friends, and family to go online and for $5.00 to pledge a cupcake jar to a serviceman or woman serving overseas. The customer can write a message of gratitude which we, in turn, rewrite into holiday cards created by school-aged children from across the country.

The response has been nothing short of amazing. It warms my heart to see this type of love and gratitude shared with our brave men and women coming from complete strangers.

This event is particularly dear to Dani and me. Dani works closely with all of our APO orders and the soldiers who consequently receive our cupcake jars.

My dad and his dad were Marines. My sister-in-law’s brothers were all Marines and are now all police officers.

One of our dearest friends from Shark Tank, Eli Crane, who owns and operates Bottle Breacher was a Navy Seal, serving with American Sniper, Chris Kyle.

I asked Eli what it would be like to receive these cupcake jars and the Christmas cards. His answer was simply this.

“Half the time, we don’t even as much as have any bread with our meals. These jars stand for our homes, families…They show us that we’re not over here risking our lives in vain. That we’re not forgotten. These jars represent the love and patriotic pride that we are willing to lay our lives down for every single day.”

I am an American woman who is free to drive a car, dress how I’d like and even own a business. This is all because brave men and women (as well as their families) have made the ultimate sacrifice of their time and lives to ensure we are all free to live, work and worship as we choose.

If you ever have the opportunity to hire a veteran, spend time with a veteran…If you’re ever involved in any capacity remember to say thanks. That’s all they want.

Our A Taste of Home campaign. Giving our customers the opportunity to send a loving, heartfelt message and giving our service men and women a moment to remember what they’ll be coming home to, God willing.

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