Q & A with Jennie Garth

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Jennie Garth and Wicked Good cupcakes have teamed up to create a homemade line of incredibly delicious pie jars.    With six different flavors to choose from, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a couple different flavors to call your new favorite(s).

We asked Jennie a few questions about 90210, motherhood and of course pies!


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Dani has Apple Crumble, Jennie has Cherry Pie and Tracey has Blueberry Cobbler


WGC: Jennie, you are such a beloved personality. Whenever your name is mentioned, people smile and remember you on 90210 and they have such happy memories of that time in their life. Why do you think that is?

Jennie: Well thank you first off, that makes me feel good.   It was such a developmental time in tv history. And in the world of media!  Just think there was no social media back then! (Wow I feel old lol) The world wasn’t flooded with YouTubers and a million outlet options like it is today. So, people really found the show a safe place for them to watch and grow fond of characters, to really attach. And it was the first show of its time to really address subjects that teens and their families were dealing with. It gave that generation a voice. At least that’s my take on it.


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Jennie Decorating the Cherry Pies with Dani and Tracey


WGC: You have 3 beautiful daughters. Congratulations! It’s not easy raising kids now with all of the distractions this fast-paced world offers. What do you say to them to help keep them grounded? To keep them safe and happy?

Jennie: Yes!  Definitely hard work!  First of all, we have dinner together every night. And they do the same when they’re with their dad.  Keeping that tradition is helpful to keep the communication going. “What was the best part of your day?  What was the worst part?  How were you kind to someone today?  And we go around the table with our answers. It’s fun!  And honestly, I’m lucky, my girls are pretty good with keeping their phones out of our family time.


Jennie Garth’s Cherry Pie


WGC: Okay. Here’s the really important question. (Lol). Why Pies? What is it about baking a pie that gives you such satisfaction? Is there some sort of family connection to the whole process?

Jennie: I’m from the mid-west. It’s what my great grandmother taught my Gramma. And what she taught my mom. I made my first pie when I was 12 and I was so proud to be carrying on the tradition. We have a picture of me holding my first pie!  Such a great memory (aside from that hairdo!).  So yes, the art of pie making is in my genes.


WGC: What made you decide to partner with us here at Wicked Good?

Jennie: I mean have you tasted your cupcakes?!!  You have created such a niche for yourselves, and that you are family owned and operated just makes me happy!  Your whole concept is a genius because there have been multiple times when I want to send a far-off friend a cupcake, but it’s such a hassle to find the closest bakery and set up delivery, and it ends up being way too expensive after all that. So being able to send them fresh, delicious cupcakes IN A JAR!  So good!


WGC: And of course, the burning question… Which of these 6 pie flavors is your favorite and why?

Jennie: Well, of course, I love them all!  But I’d have to say PECAN!!


Jennie 119.jpg

We are Super Excited about the launch of the Jennie Garth’s Wicked Good Pies


Thanks Jennie for your time. We look forward to a long and delicious collaboration where we can share pie love with all our customers, friends and family!

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