One, Two, Three Pitch!

Wow. It’s been a long time (too long!) since any of us here at Wicked Good Cupcakes wrote a blog post.

Shame on us!  Let’s see if we can’t turn that around.

Today was a special day for Dani and me. Casting for Season 9 of Shark Tank was held in Boston and we decided to stop by and say “hey”.

It was great to catch up with Mindy, head of Shark Tank casting.  I will NEVER, EVER forget the way I felt when I answered my phone back in April 2012 only to hear her voice on the other end telling me that they were interested in Wicked Good.  (I applied online).

And so, to see the crowd all lined up, hopeful and excited brought back so many feelings. I wanted all of them to be chosen but the reality is that only a lucky few will make it to the next round.

Shark Tank Casting Call

When Shark Tank comes to town, the line reaches around the block

We took the opportunity to chat with some of these energetic and dedicated entrepreneurs.

Look. The truth of the matter is this. Everyone there today wants their time in the tank. We did. That’s why you apply right?

The bigger point  that’s important to recognize is this. By showing up, executing their pitch and sharing their journey with the casting team, these individuals took a chance. The risked their pride and put it all on the line for a chance to achieve a dream.

What we told those we had the chance to talk with was this:  By being there today, they demonstrated a huge entrepreneurial trait needed to succeed. (With or without an appearance on the show.) They showed the ability to take a risk. Something that everyone who has started a business has had to do, sometimes multiple times.

Risk taking is a necessary albeit scary part of business. When facing the decision whether or not to try something new or difficult you have to ask yourself “What have I got to lose?”

Shark Tank Casting Call

If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never know what you could have achieved!

If the risk in question is not going to harm you or render you penniless, than the answer is a no brainer. Go for it.

When I told people I wanted to apply to Shark Tank some would laugh and say things like, “Yeah, don’t we all.” Or “Good luck with that. You and thousands of other people.”

I’m so glad I didn’t listen and applied. It’s been 4 years since we aired and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Shark Tank and where our business has gone since we aired.

Life is full of opportunities. Don’t be that person who wants to air on the side of caution and doesn’t reach for the stars. Take that chance, put yourself out there and give life a try.

You may end up striking out from time to time. We all do. But for me, that’s a much better option than living with the nagging regret of, “If only I had…”  Get up, get out and just go for it.

After all. What do you have to lose?