Taking Time to Celebrate

Every year at the end of April, a special week comes around that I love to celebrate with a very special person in my life. No it’s not my anniversary with my man piece! It’s my anniversary with Nora, my best friend of 21 years.  We call this glorious week “SA Week!”

To fill you in on what “SA Week” is, it is one whole week where Nora and I are the same age (see where SA comes from?). I know it seems silly that we would care this much about it, but when you have a friend like this and have been doing this tradition for over a decade, it’s a pretty friggin’ big deal. (for example, every time that we get a new agenda book, SA week is the first thing we put in there).

This year, we decided to do something special for every day of the week.

Nora: Nora here. I’m along for this blog ride!

dani and nora 1


This was the first day of SA week. It was also Nora’s Birthday (she turned the BIG 26). We really didn’t do anything, but have lunch at the shop and listen to Nora complain about officially having to pay for health insurance. But the days to follow had the all the fun activities.

Nora: Birthdays shouldn’t be on Mondays.


Today I had to work at our retail space, but it gave me a great opportunity to write out my letter to Nora. I wrote it from an old English perspective. I couldn’t write a letter too gushy, but I wrote it as if I had been working in a faraway land, explaining to her all people and merchants I saw.

Nora: Ok, so I did write something mushy. Dani and I work together and we do so really well, but because we’re so busy, I never get the chance to tell her how in awe of her I really am!

If I’m going to be honest, I wrote and sent my letter later in the week. I think Dani knew, but she didn’t say anything. She’s cool like that. Thanks, bae.


dani blog whiteboard

So today, Nora decided to do “White Board Words.” This is when we sit in front of a white board and each one of us writes something nice about one another behind that person’s head. We came up with some really nice and honest things about each other. Funny, we both used the word “supportive.”

Nora: I was super excited for this because I’m a closet narcissist, but I was always curious how Dani viewed me. Aren’t you curious how your friends describe you to people? I even ask this question in any interviews I conduct: “What are five words your friends would use to describe you?” I feel like knowing how the most important people in your life view you is so vital to personal growth. Dani thinks I’m supportive? Well, I’ll make sure I continue that streak and even up the anty!


If you haven’t tried adult coloring, you’re missing out on something really relaxing. Nora brought in a coloring book called “Cats in France.” So many kitties playing in the grass by the Eiffel Tower!

Nora: I am allergic to cats so coloring them is the closest I get to show my love. Also, I realized Dani is incredibly good at staying in the lines. She’s pretty methodical that way.


dani blog pic hair 2

I wicked enjoyed this day because I was going to do something fun with Nora’s hair. I brought in my curling iron and gave her the cutest curls. What I liked best about it was that since her hair is dyed purple, the curls looked really cool. Her hair had so many different hues of purple so it really made her hair stand out. My hair on the other hand was all over the place! I had a bun on top of my head while the rest of my hair was in a side braid. Nora tried, but now I know why we never did each other’s hair as kids. Woof…

Either way, I loved how both hairstyles came out.

Nora: I have no excuse for the travesty I bestowed upon her head. I’m so sorry.

dani blog pic hair 1


dani blog playlist

Since we don’t normally see each other on the weekends, Nora and I decided to make each other a playlist of music. One of the songs that I picked for this was Piece of me by Britany Spears. I chose this song because when it first came out, we would constantly listen to it in my car while diving around Boston. It was defiantly one of our top jams together. We thought we were so cool and flashy with our heavy eye liner and snap bracelets.

Nora: This was definitely my favorite. Both playlists are like mini-documentaries about our time together. Dani and I have been through so much both together and apart. But, it was our most awkward years driving around in her car that I enjoyed the most. It was like a mini-therapy session for the two of us and I wouldn’t give up those moments with Blink 182 or Britney Spears blaring in the background for anything!


dani blog with nora 1

Since today was the last day of our SA Week, we decided to go to our old hang out spot which is where we met and grew up. We went out to brunch and then got ice cream at the Ice Cream Smith in Dorchester. We used to walk there all the time as kids. It was always a good treat for us if we had been good. Being there definitely brought back some good old feelings of that spot and the ice cream smith is still as good as when I first tried it many years ago.

Nora: Not gonna lie – I’m a sucker for brunch, so I was foaming at the mouth when we hooked up Sunday morning for coffee and eggs. Was I hung over from the night before? Possibly. Did the headache leave once I ate scrambled eggs? Yes. Did I eat my ice cream too fast later on and get the largest brain freeze? 100% yes.

Dani and I hung out at the ice cream shop a lot longer than the brunch place (shocking for me). We talked about growing up together and I forgot how often ice cream played into it. When I officially turned 18, I really pissed off my parents by crashing the family car and getting my belly button pierced in the same day. Rest assured, my folks did not acknowledge my birthday (They were totally justified, by the way. I really mucked up the one car we had), but Dani went to the Ice Cream Smith, bought me a small cake and we ate the whole thing in my back yard. No regrets and hands down, one of the best birthdays.  And yes – I paid off the car repair myself by pulling extra shifts at City Sports that summer. I was eventually forgiven for the car!


Ugh, birthdays shouldn’t be on Mondays…

dani and nora 2