A Day in the Life

As one of the owners of a fast growing small business, I’m often asked what a typical day looks like. I always laugh when I hear this because quite frankly, no day is typical. So on March 17th, 2016, I decided to chronicle my day, just to see what it looked like. For anyone who cares, here’s what a “typical” day in the life of a small business owner looks like.

5:10am – wake up, check overnight emails making sure there were no fires I need to attend to. From the time I go to bed to the time I wake up, I’ll typically receive 40 – 50 emails. Most of them automatically generated reports such as systems statuses

5:25am – shower, shave, get dressed. Jeans and a button down shirt (untucked) – my typical uniform

6:10am – meditate – I try to meditate each morning even if only for a few minutes. If I don’t, I find my mind starts racing thinking of everything I need to do that day

6:30am – leave house

7:00am – dentist appointment – follow up on recent oral surgery. Checking emails in the waiting room

7:25am – leave dentist, head for office

7:55am – arrive at office – I notice that the dumpster has not been emptied and is overflowing

8:00am – call property management company to find out why dumpster has not been emptied

8:10am – review all overnight sales numbers – make sure all systems are up and running and ready for the day

8:25am – place order for shipping boxes to be delivered to Cohasset facility

8:35am – purchase tickets for Boston Business Journal Fast 50 breakfast ceremony (Wicked Good Cupcakes named one of 50 fastest growing private companies in MA for 2016)

8:45am – phone meeting with tax attorney to discuss possible Nexus implications if we advertise with out of state affiliates (if any of you sell online, you need to research this)

9:15am – discuss quote for new walk-in cooler and freezer with equipment supplier

9:25am – discuss equipment power requirements with architect for our new kitchen build-out in Hanover (we’re in the process of building out a new 21,000 square foot production facility that will also become our new corporate headquarters)

9:35am – review, sign and scan affiliate contract with ShopAtHome.com

9:55am – review, sign and scan drop ship contract with QVC (Wicked Good Cupcakes will be appearing on QVC in April)

10:15am – start building several new web servers to prepare for our CNBC airing of our original Shark Tank update segment tonight

10:35am – review changes being made to our online Merchant Account in June to continue compliance with PCI

10:45am – go to bank to deposit Faneuil Hall cash receipts

11:10am – back from the bank, check emails

11:25am – review 2016 media buy schedule at local radio station

11:40am – hear rumors of a snowstorm coming this weekend. Check local forecast to verify – looks like mostly rain – thank goodness

11:45am – go to restaurant next door to order chicken ceasar wrap for lunch – make stop at men’s room on the way (I try to be efficient with my time)

11:55am – phone call with WGC president Melissa Hamlet – she is spearheading a photo shoot of new products today  with Tracey– just getting an update on the shoot as well as discussing a shelf life study for QVC

12:05pm – go back to restaurant next door to pick up my wrap

12:10pm – back at desk – eat at desk. Pay company visa bill

12:15pm – send monthly reports for February to appropriate individuals

12:35pm – phone call with bank to discuss construction loan for build out of our new Hanover facility

12:45pm – submit weekly payroll

12:55pm – review and approve weekly vendor payments from bookkeeper

1:00pm – unpack new POS system for Faneuil Hall – assembled cash drawer, iPad holder and receipt printer. Downloaded POS app for iPad – did some initial system testing

1:45pm – review and approve proofs for new labels for new products

1:55pm – help Dani build a new fan for the decorating station

2:10pm – Company enrollment period for health insurance coming up – update employee census information for insurance provider

2:30pm – order edible ink refills and refill kit for custom cookie team

2:40pm – order toner for my laser printer

2:45pm – paid parking ticket online to City of Boston (we seem to get a lot of those…)

2:50pm – confirm completion of new server builds – configure and test servers – place servers behind load balancer for tonight’s CNBC airing

3:45pm – create new website home page banner and generate promo code for tonight’s CNBC airing

4:30pm – meet with insurance agent to review our insurance portfolio for yearly renewal

5:45pm – 5 mile run (gotta find time for some exercise)

6:30pm – post run stretch –catch up on emails on phone (more multi tasking)

7:00pm – dinner – somehow after a 10 hour photo shoot, Tracey is still able to blow in and make an amazing dinner!

7:20pm – confirm web infrastructure is ready for CNBC Shark Tank airing

8:00pm – turn on Shark Tank on CNBC – monitor web traffic and sales traffic during airing while Tracey manages social media

9:15pm – let dogs out for “last call” and lock up house

9:20pm – let dogs back in, put on PJ’s, kiss Tracey and spend a little time with those I love most (Tracey and the pups of course)

10:30pm – goodnight – let’s do this again tomorrow