Expanding My Cupcake Horizons: DIY at WGC

Creating is the name of the game when you own a business. You have to try out new things all the time to see if it’s a fit. For me, it helps to browse DIYs and see if there is a way Wicked Good can simplify that even more for a customer.

A cupcake in a mug caught my eye. Essentially, it’s a cake for one that can be mixed in a mug and then thrown in the microwave for about one minute. As someone who has taken a food safety class, I’m super doubtful about eggs being cooked through in the microwave. Every atom within me says this is just a bad idea, but who am I to cast doubt? People took a chance on cupcake jars!

Also, tons of folks think we make the cupcakes in the jars themselves. Not true! We actually bake them individually first, then layer them afterwards within the jar. If I was going to get anything out of this it would be justification I was doing my job right or that I would need to try a new way of doing things. Only time would tell!

Step number-o uno was to find a mug. We’re all coffee addicts here, so finding one wasn’t too hard. I just had to make sure someone else didn’t already have their eye on it…

Look at the mug in all its glory

Look at the mug in all its glory

As much I don’t care for directions, I wanted to stick as close as possible to what the cupcake mug recipe told me.

I cracked the egg and I already felt sick, but I told myself to give this whole thing a chance. You never know where this mini-adventure could lead to!

crackin' an egg

After the egg came the flour, sugar and sprinkles (yes, this was a recipe for vanilla-confetti so we chose blue sprinkles. I feel any color of sprinkles is acceptable). Finally, it was microwave time.

I most certainly tapped in the one-minute mark a few times. In all, I think we did 2 ½ minutes of “baking.”

microwave cupcake in a mug - eewww

And here we are: the cupcake mug in all its… mushy glory. It reminded me of Spongebob Squarepants, just with no pants on. Still – I told myself it’s not always how something looks. Do you know how many folks email me that cupcakes in a jar is the grossest thing ever? I mean, they don’t know what they’re missing, but still – it’s hard not to judge food before it hits your lips.


Um, here’s my face after a few of us tasted this awesome little science experiment

While the egg cooked the whole way through (color me shocked), everything had an old custard texture to it. And it was pretty dry tasting while looking kinda mushy. My ego fist pumped a bit knowing that my method of cupcakes in “things” was correct: bake first, layer second.

While I’m sticking to cupcakes my way, I’m still not opposed to more cupcake DIYs and experimenting. I just know now mugs are for coffee only.