Looking Back at a Taste of Home

When I was younger, I never really had an interest in the military. Whether it be fighting in it or doing anything to help with it, it just never seemed to faze me. Don’t get me wrong, I was never against it. I supported people for what they had done or if they were part of it. The culture just never seemed like my cup of tea.

As I grew older, it started to impact me a little differently each time I either met someone who had family in the army or were veterans themselves. The stories were all different, but they all had one thing in common: it was always about protecting their families and the country they loved.

Working here at WickedGood finally gave me the opportunity to do something good for the soldiers. It was around the time we had first launched the jars that I had received an email from a soldier overseas asking if we could ship him jars. (Overseas soldiers don’t normally receive any baked goods and wanted to try them since he and his fellow crew longed for some). I told him we had never tried it before, but it was a chance I was willing to take. I promised to take care of the cost, but wanted in return a picture of him and his crew eating the jars. This way I would know they had gotten there safely. Agreeing to the terms, he happily gave me his address and I shipped the cupcakes out the very next day.

A few weeks went by and I hadn’t heard anything. I figured that the cupcakes either didn’t get to him.. But to my surprise I came into work one day and there was the email from him and – wouldn’t you know it – there he was eating jars with his fellow soldiers. It made me so happy that I could make this guy’s day. And with a little trial and error, we started to take more orders to ship to US military bases overseas.

shipping jars to our service men and women overseas has become a personal passion of mine

shipping jars to our service men and women overseas has become a personal passion of mine

We came up with the Taste of Home Campaign 2 years ago and it keeps getting better. Folks start pledging jars on Veterans Day and we end it when we do our annual card signing. During the campaign we receive cards from schools all over the country that kids make for the troops. We then take the notes and handwrite the notes people leave when they pledge a jar.

I know it’s only been 3 years, but the feedback has been rewarding enough. Getting letters back from the troops who have eaten the jars makes me smile. Some of them even tweet at us and that’s awesome! Being away from your family can be really hard during the madness of Christmas, especially when you’re putting your own life at risk. I like to help make sure these military men and women don’t feel as if they’ve been forgotten.

Our troops give up so much for us and sometimes even their lives. They protect us from the dangers in the world and give us a something no one else can: freedom. I hope that they all get to go home and see their families again. We can never actually repay them for what they do, but we can try like hell to make their time out there a little easier and a little homier. Thank you for reading and God Bless our troops.