It’s hard to say goodbye…

Despite what many people may think, Wicked Good Cupcakes is really small. Our team is tiny, but we’ve got big hearts. We work hard together day in and day out, so close relationships form pretty quickly.

One of our awesome employees, Jill, just left us for new job. Like most of us here, she loves to bake and has a talent for making great pastry dishes. To be honest, she’s probably one of the hardest working people I know. She helps out everywhere; to her, nothing is too small for her to do. Someone like Jill is really a model employee.

Jill will be making pastries on a cruise ship, sailing across the world. How cool is that? And if you knew Jill, you’d be like, “Yeah, she deserves this!” When she told us a few months ago that her time with us was limited, it was a so bittersweet. Of course I want my employees to reach for their dreams and follow their own path. Wicked Good is my dream, so it’s wrong of me to assume my teammates feel the same. It’s just that… well, Jill had really become my friend.

If you own or manage a small business, your work with other people is more intimate. You get to know what makes everyone tick at the smallest level. I know more about some of my employees than I do about friends I’ve had for years. With Jill, I know she’s allergic to peppers and loves country music. I also meshed really well with her personality: we’re both sarcastic and love to crack jokes. Working alongside her, we truly became two peas in a party pod.

It’s tough to say goodbye to a friend, especially when that friend has been a part of a journey like mine. Jill understood my anxiety about layering sprinkles in such a way and she never judged me for over analyzing a vanilla cupcake. If you’ve got a small team, your trust in each other is pretty deep. You see them every day, learn about their hardships, new adventures and hear old stories. It’s not easy when you have to go separate ways.

I watched Jill leave the shop yesterday just like any other day. Her Vera Bradley clutch in one hand and her phone in the other. I remember telling her to send pictures and that we’ll still text like we do every weekend. Jill is someone I will definitely miss, but it’s a great opportunity to see new talent out there. That’s what I have to remind myself: my team isn’t shrinking, it’s just getting ready to get bigger.