Running a Business: Do I Need to be Type A or Type B?

I just threw out of my back so I’ve got some time to lay in bed alone with my thoughts. Actually, I can’t really move at all so thinking and typing are my only activities right now. I’m not going to start on the challenge of getting to the bathroom. It’s still too soon.

Because I’m healing, I’m not at work and my anxiety is on high. Is everyone OK? Did that order go out? Did I mention that person requested certain colored sprinkles? But, we’ve been a company for a while and I know my team can handle anything. I just hate not being a part of it. I hate not doing anything.

Being still is boredom; boredom is a state of mind and I don’t want to live there. I think that type of thinking comes with wanting to own a business or just in being a leader. But, what the hell do I mean by “type?”

We often correlate someone’s habits with being left brained versus right, or Type A against Type B. Like my mom is wicked Type A. She’s always overthinking, over analyzing and – sometimes – overstressing. I can understand that since she’s running this huge business under the public eye. I guess you could call me a Type B because I can understand that sometimes shit just happens.

But, I found this really interesting article from the Huffington Post talking about the qualities of someone with Type A. One habit listed is being lost without a To-Do list. Oh, that’s me in a nut shell. I know I’m a millennial who has the Internet in her veins, but I need to write stuff down or I will forget it.

Oh, and would you look at that! Another feature of a Type A is feeling distraught when time is wasted (I’m talking to you, Thrown-Out-Back-Of-Mine). Hold the phone – am I mutha-truckin’ Type A?

Maybe, just maybe, I can be both. I mean, why the hell not? To be defined so narrowly seems so… inhuman. Did you know that being Right Brained versus Left Brained in utter bull? No, seriously! Google it; the whole thing is a myth! If that whole thing is made-up, where’s the truth in Type A versus B personalities, too?

I have two crazy reasons to be A and B. Number one: I have Depression, which can easily be seen as Type B. But hang on minute there, I also have an anxiety disorder; sometimes associated with Type A. Imagine those tornadoes meeting. Grab Little Timmy and get in the cellar. A storm’s comin’!

Reason number two (and the most important reason): I’ve got shit to do. I’ve got a multi-million dollar business to run through a glass ceiling. There’s no time to pick teams; only time to combine for the win. I’ll agree being an A and B can be messy, but so is every day with Depress and Anxiety. But it’s how I tackle my challenges. It’s how I stay focus.

Let’s all stop painting ourselves into corners and just embrace the A and the B. After all, it spells out ABs and who doesn’t want those?