You’re only as good as your team

Most of the time, I actually consider myself a good boss. With my teammates I always look for their opinions, include them in business decisions, and ask them about what’s going on in their life outside of work. To me, having a happy employee means a happy business.

The fam and I recently took off to Pennsylvania to visit our larger facility. We’ve grown really close with the family that runs the bakery, so it was like a great reunion. This time I actually got to meet the other employees that make our jars… well, your jars.

I had the pleasure of meeting Aquilla. She was super bubbly and had such a positive attitude, and I got to have a great conversation with her. What I liked most about her was that she cared about the product. She wanted everything to be consistent. You could tell she put a lot of heart and soul into each jar (not literally, just to be clear).

Aquilla also understood that each jar was special in its own way. The products can be birthday gifts, saying thanks to friend who helped someone move, appreciation for a teacher or even a condolence. To me, Aquilla seemed like she wanted every jar to be perfect, just like the awesome customers who purchase them.

Your work team is your family

My team is my family. I care for them as much as I care for anyone

It’s having an employee like her that helps me sleep a little bit better at night. Not having her… woof! – I would be a wreck! If you don’t have cooperative employees, you don’t have sustainability and then your business is forever teetering on the edge of a cliff. To make sure I never lose someone like Aquilla, I make sure she knows that I really appreciate her time simply by listening.

Always let people know how you feel, be they family or be they teammates. Everyone is important in their own way.