20-Something Tag Along

I thought it would be fun this week to post something from another member of our incredible team. Nora Weiss has been a part of our “family” for nearly 20 years. She grew up next door to us in Dorchester where she and Dani quickly became fast friends. Fast forward to today – Dani and Nora are still best friends and Nora shines as our Brand Manager. So today I give you this guest post from our “other daughter”, Nora.

Dani and Nora

In recent years, I’ve mentioned the would-be title of my incredibly unpopular autobiography would be “Riding Coattails.” The cover image would feature me (because no real working model would think that low of themselves) sitting on a pair of super fancy coat tails. There would be hundreds of copies of this book… in my mom’s basement back in Boston. It would be her go-to gift for all of her friends. “So sorry for your loss. Here, take my daughter’s autobiography. We’re very proud that she can write!”

And at a fifth grade level, too!

Since I’ve been with Wicked Good, I’ve quietly meshed into the lives of Scott, Tracey and Dani. While I had always been a part of the family, I was little more than Dani’s partner in crime. As of 2013, I have produced a more multi-dimensional version of myself and I think everyone is surprised. No one more than me!

I did the whole college thing, dipping into different internships: I managed art galleries, booked concerts and produced a podcast about Fantasy Football (multiple times the Patriot’s defense has let me down). I concluded I was just looking for my ‘thing.’ It was after college that I started to freak out because I still didn’t have a ‘thing,’ just these experiences that I didn’t (and still don’t) give myself enough credit for.

After doing the corporate stint for a bit (some very nice company took pity on me), I called upon friends for help. I wrote for a girlfriend’s online rag for a bit before I was fired (cue the whiskey!), I envisioned myself moving to California to help an old classmate start an app… Call me the group Succubus. I had all this potential energy, but nowhere to put it. Passion pulsed in my veins and I was choking on it.

And would you look at that! Another company felt bad for me and gave me an hourly wage to sell cupcakes (in a jar). Two years later I pretend to manage this company’s brand (fooled you guys – I’m here for the free coffee and fast Internet connection).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is this: Life does not begin and end right after college. It’s barely beginning, actually.

I had all these fantasies where’d I’d strike it big with some marketing company, and I would be VP of Something and run to work in pretty high heels every day. My face would litter my alma mater’s alumni magazine each month updating every chick in black leggings and a Northface jacket with what wonderful thing I was up to. They would all be so jealous and my hair would look amazing in every photograph!

Truth is that I am not a VP of anything and I rarely wear heels to work. A growing business literally demands heavy lifting and heels take away from knee and ankle support. I sleep on the train to and from work, and my hair is always a mess because I wake up at 5 AM and get dressed in the dark (I do my best not to wake my boyfriend who is a teacher and has an equally tough day ahead of him, as well). The reality of being a 20-something in the working world with an agenda is a tough one that requires the ability to run on zero sleep – sorry

I work with my BEST FRIEND every day, meet amazing people from all over the country and work with an awesome team! I’m respected and my wacky ideas are encouraged. I’m learning about business from the inside out! Growing with Wicked Good is an opportunity that no one else will ever experience. There are, of course, fifteen hour days, short bouts of sleep, and stressful phone calls but it’s easy to brush it off because I really do love what I do.

Also, four cups of coffee a day helps. And bananas: a kick of potassium in the “assium” (haha) is always useful.

While Wicked Good wasn’t originally my dream, but I’m glad I found my way here. I’m growing at such a rapid speed as a professional, I can barely keep up with myself. My creativity is constantly flowing and people are eating it up. I’ve also found that I have skills I never knew I had. There’s a lot to be said for being an Excel Master.

My last piece of wisdom: the free coffee part is really great. If you go in for an interview and that place of business does not have its own coffee pot, turn right around. #noregrets