Is Kevin O’Leary really Mr. Wonderful?

As you can imagine, we are invited to do a fair amount of public speaking. My favorite part beside meeting so many awesome people is when we have our Q & A segment.

Invariably one question always arises. “What is it like working with Kevin O’Leary? Is he really Mr. Wonderful?”

I’m here to tell you, yes he is. Kevin is fabulous to work with and he is wonderful.

When we first consummated our deal and subsequently paid Kevin back, I wasn’t sure how involved he was going to be from that point forward. After all, his end of the deal was done and he was paid in full.

I have to say, I was a bit sad thinking that may be the last of him, but to my pleasant surprise it was really just the beginning!

I’m happy to report that our investor, mentor and friend is an active and very big part of Wicked Good. He is interested and will give sound, honest advice when asked but leaves the decision making up to Dani, Scott and me.

He has stated many times that he respects us as a family business and that as such, we need to be the ultimate decision makers. That being said he is never more than an email, text or phone call away. We have conversations weekly and are also fortunate enough to have the time and attention of O’Leary Ventures and the talent that works tirelessly with him.

Dani Vilagie of Wicked Good Cupcakes  with Kevin O'Leary

Kevin is a very personable, funny and (yes) warm man …He’s also a ton of fun to party with!

He’s a very personable, funny and (yes) warm man who is soft spoken and binary. With Kevin there is no gray area. He’s also a ton of fun to party with.

It’s been 2 ½ years now that we’ve been part of the O’Leary team and there’s not a day that goes by we’re not grateful for all of the things he has done for us and included us in.

We’re looking forward to many, many years ahead with our charismatic and often “to the point” partner.

Together we have built a national brand.

In closing all I can say is this. Kevin, we love and respect you and are so happy that you have become such an important part of our Wicked Good family. Thank you. Here’s to many more “wonderful” years together.  ~ T xo