Stay Strong and Keep Fighting. You Can and Will Get Through This!

As a boss, you hear many reasons why an employee can’t go to work. You sometimes hear the occasional, “I’m sick” or “My car won’t start”. But never have I heard of a reason such as, “I’m sorry, I can’t come in today. I’m getting my new kidney.”

Maybe you’ve met Tayla during a trip to Boston over the summer or see her every so often when you’re grabbing a last minute office gift. The only time you wouldn’t have seen her was during the early fall. She called us one Tuesday morning around 7 AM and said, “I really think today is the day I get a kidney. I got a call and I have to go to the hospital right now. I’m still trying to find someone to cover my shift.”

We instantly told Tayla to forget about her shift and that we’d handle it personally. Someone in Tayla’s condition is called to the hospital time and time again only to find out her body will not take to a possible donation and that she must continue dialysis. This means she has had to put off college, social gatherings and starting a family. It’s phenomenal to see someone facing such disappointment come into work and be the amazing worker she is.

Tayla is an inspirational person to me. I can relate a lot to her in the sense that she and I both had pains that made everyday tasks a little bit more difficult. While I have dealt with depression and anxiety, she suffered from a more physical pain, and was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and hypertension in 2004. Instead of putting her head down and giving up, she chose to live and started dialysis right away.

After 10 years of dialysis, Tayla finally got the call that a kidney came in and was a perfect match for her. She had a successful surgery and the recovery was quick. When she was fully better, she asked to come back to work with us. How could we say no? Tayla is an inspiration to those who have had challenges thrown in their way. She overcame an obstacle that many have failed to do. Her advice to people going through this? “Stay strong, don’t give up. Keep fighting. You can and will get through this.”

Tayla’s body successfully took to the kidney; it’s like a beautiful love story! And now she’s in nursing school! Isn’t that awesome? Please take some time to get to know Tayla. She’s such an amazing person and I want everyone to meet one of my amazing (and brave) team members!

How did the journey impact your life plans (negatively and positively)?
This journey was every bit of difficult, but at the same time an experience. I had to work harder to become STRONGER AND FIGHT THE BATTLE. When I was first diagnosed with Lupus I was given two options: to live my life or lose my life. I chose to live my life, with that came dialysis. Dialysis wasn’t an easy pill to swallow. But for 10 years I managed to hold my head high, wear a smile and fight the battle.

So you got the transplant! How does that make you feel and what happens now for you?
After 10 years, I received my transplant on Tuesday August 19, 2014. It definitely was a big weight lifted off my chest, I’m blessed and ready for what comes my way. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

What advice do you have for someone having their own battle like yours?
Stay strong, don’t give up. Keep fighting. You can and will get through this.

How wicked good is life for you now?
My life is wicked awesome and blessed.

We love you, Tayla! XOXO