Me, Myself & My Hobbies

When you own a business, having time for yourself is an unfamiliar concept. There are rare times when all the work for the day is done. In those moments of awkward silence, what’s a babe to do?

Having your head swallowed by your business for so long can make coming up for air a strange occurrence. It’s unfair to sit waiting for the next project. Finding a hobby for yourself can be difficult, but you gotta just go for it. And you have to go in with an open mind; a closed one will only leave you unfulfilled.

A big hobby of mine used to be baking. It’s a huge love of mine, but once I’m home you won’t find me cutting out pie crusts. Recently, I’ve started learning German (shout out to Rosetta Stone). It’s a great way to flex my mind and a perfect ice breaker at parties. “Ich habe cupcakes!”

Why a hobby? Why not spend time developing the business more? “Anytime you’re not working, someone else is working harder.” Great, let ‘em. Tell me how their ulcer’s doing! What I’m saying is that there needs to be a way to lessen the stress. That’s why I ride my quad. It’s in those moments riding top speed through the woods that I’m actually by myself. No pressure to complete a quote, count inventory, or update my blog (not that I don’t appreciate your readership!). As someone who has been diagnosed with depression, I need to create an outlet or I’ll suffer, along with the people around me.

I also really recommend trying out something new – like really, really new. Team sports are not my forte, except hockey which I played back in high school… on the boys’ team. When an old friend called me up to fill in on her softball team, I was hooked – but not without hesitation.

Yes – everyone else knew each other. And yeah, I wasn’t very good. Hell, my father-in-law had to spend a weekend teaching me how to hit a ball! But I still showed up to the games and I wasn’t picking grass in the outfield. I focused on something completely different to me and embraced it for what it was: a new challenge.

Trying out a new hobby with a sense of commitment is a lot like taking risks in business. Yes, you can plan out how to spend your time, decide what supplies to buy and even practice on your own time. But, there’s a point when you have to just dive in head first (except if you’re actually doing diving, I think you have to go fingertips first then). It’ll be cold and you’re going to get wet, but at least you’re in. The great thing about a hobby is that even if you’re terrible at it, no one cares. And I care about that.

I guess you can say I care that I don’t care.