It is in Giving That We Receive

I LOVE to give things to people. I love to see them smile – to know I made them feel good. Don’t you? I’m sure you can remember giving a gift that you were so excited to give that you simply couldn’t wait.

I once gave my husband a beautiful Gibson guitar. I bought it for him for Christmas but he got it the night I bought it because I just couldn’t wait. The sheer surprise (best part of gift giving IMHO) of the gift and the consequent smile made me feel warm all over. The giving was gift enough for me.

Now imagine how wonderful it is when your business, your baby, is able to give a gift to say a charitable organization, a school or shelter – even a single person in need.

Through your business you have the opportunity to make a difference. Whether it’s a donation of cash, product or services, you are making a statement that your business (you) cares.

We’ve found that by picking organizations that are near and dear to us the giving becomes a wonderful extension of what our company stands for.

More and more people, especially the millennial generation, are more likely to buy from a business that gives to a charity. Especially if it’s an organization that they themselves support.

Take the time to find and investigate who it is you want to work with. Remember, although it’s not your main objective, your donations are tax deductible and it’s perfectly okay to take this tax advantage. It’s also okay to ask an organization to support your business through their social media platforms and in any programs or printed materials they produce. It’s a perfectly acceptable relationship and many non-profits are used to this type of partnership.

It makes sense right?  The more support you receive, the more your business grows and the more you can give back. It’s a wonderful win/win for everyone.

Here are some of the charitable organizations we support and couldn’t live without.  – We LOVE animals and children, and are honored to support the people who work tirelessly to keep them happy, healthy, loved and safe. – Our local heroes working to help animals in need. – Who’s strong as an ox with the heart gentle as a lamb? Why Mr. Shawn Thornton – one of the toughest Boston Bruins to date (sadly now with the Florida Panthers). We thank Shawn for all of his hard work and dedication to those suffering with cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

And finally – This is a no brainer. Without these men and women, and their sacrifices we wouldn’t be free to live, love and work as Americans. We owe them more than can ever be repaid.