Million Dollar Secret: I’m Not Rich

A lot of people think I’m rolling in the dough. I don’t blame them in thinking this: I was on TV, my company made quite a bit last year, and my business partners (after mommy-dearest) are none other than pressed-suit-always-fab-lookin’ Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, and the extremely charming Marcus Lemonis. It would be weird for someone to figure out, on their own, that I’m actually kind of broke.


my priorities are on investing in my business, not in my sneakers

Let’s be honest: I’ve been rocking the same pair of DC shoes since 2010.

When the company makes money, I am the last person to see any dollar bills. That money gets recycled back into the company to keep up with supply chain management, product development, and paying employees (our biggest expense, but people gotta make a living).

It’d be awesome to buy a brand new quad or get a full, detailed tattoo sleeve (I have this Pokemon thing going down my left arm that’s not done). Since the launch of Wicked Good, any phrase that starts with “I want” has taken a back seat, and any phrase that begins with “I need” goes under severe review. As long as I can eat, I’m fine. As long as the business is fine, I can eat.

Pieces of business advice are a dime a dozen thanks to the Internet; that’s fine. Anyone should be able to Google “How to start a business” and find decent help. It’s just prioritizing which steps mean the most to you.

And what are your priorities? Is it consistently funding your product to stay ahead of the competition? What about purchasing the right advertisement or shipping procedures? All those “priorities” have one thing in common: money. Don’t let cash flow overwhelm you (if you’re having nightmares about bills or drooling over a daydream of you swimming in a pile of Benjamins, you gotta take a step back); you’re so much more than that. Just be prepared!

Side note – does anyone know where I can get a decent pair of inexpensive running shoes? Much appreciated!