Comic Con and Norman Reedus. What Every Girl Dreams of

Recently, I had the privilege to take a few days off of work (a blue moon appeared) and head out to Philadelphia to attend Wizard’s Comic Con 2104! Now, I had never been to a Comic Con before and frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that there would be people dressed up as… whatever (we’ve all seen pictures of the beautiful mess that is Comic Con), as well as local artists and trendy items for sale.

Norman Reedus

The love of my life Norman Reedus (Sorry Brian…)

I was there for a completely different reason; I was intent on meeting a certain celebrity. Don’t get me wrong: I was super excited to see people dressed up Batman, Power Rangers, Pokemon (can you tell I have a geeky side?), but I was there for the infamous Mr. Norman Reedus. A Boondock Saint and a zombie killer; he’s my cup of tea. How could I not want to meet him; he’s my celebrity crush! I bought a VIP ticket to meet the adorable man and dragged the husband along. Don’t worry about him; I purchased a VIP ticket for him to meet Lauren Cohen to even out the score.

Driving all the way to Philly, I was trying to tell myself, when meeting Mr. Reedus, I had to play it cool. I had everything planned out in my head: I walk over casually, not making a big deal like everyone else. I would make a great impression so I would stick out above all the other “Dixon” fans.

Once I got there and saddled up to meet my crush, other people started to fill in the lines around me. Soon, I was consumed in a sea of hormonal women, eagerly waiting to grab a lock of Norman’s hair. I get very claustrophobic in these situations, but I was lucky enough to consistently bump into the same woman so much that we got to chatting. Thank goodness for her or I would’ve never made it in that shit show.

The woman’s name was Denise and she was the mother of two; her whole family was there dressed up as superheroes. Her kids had gotten her the Norman Reedus VIP badge for Mother’s Day! Hell, if I had kids who gotten that for me, I’d probably let them get away with murder or whatever kids do.

After a few hours (yup, hours) of standing there, Denise and I continued to get more acquainted while her daughter hung out on the side. When Sweet Denise asked me what I did for a living, I slowly let out the truth.

I never want anyone to think I’m bragging (I didn’t get paid for two years when we started – who wants to brag about that?), but owning my own business is just like you saying you’re VP of Sales somewhere. However, I didn’t have to talk anything up; Denise’s daughter was all over that.

“Were you the ones on Shark Tank?”

“Yup, that was me!”

They pegged with all the normal questions – “What’s it like working with Mr. Wonderful?” and were so sweet! It’s great to get a nice reaction out of people. You’d be shocked how many people, to my face, tell me how stupid me and Mum were to take that deal. Well, I just got recognized at Comic Con. Other people in line overheard us and I caught them looking up the website on their phones. So there!