Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Loving myself has been just as difficult as running a nationally recognized business. There are days when I refuse to take myself seriously because so many others dismiss me. Often, it has to do with the way I look.

TDon't Judge a book by it's coverhe moment I turned 18 I got a huge tattoo of a pair of red dragon wings down my back. After hiding it from my mom for almost a year, I got another one… and then another… and then a few more. For my bachelorette party, I went under the vibrating needle once again “just because.” My wedding ring is also a tattoo.

I had never experienced any negative reactions about my tattoos until after we went on Shark Tank. My mom and I expected rude emails in general (I can’t begin to tell you how many “You’re so DUMB!” emails we received), but offending people with the way I look? Didn’t see that one coming. A few people said they would have purchased from us, but the fact that I had tattoos caused them to put their wallets away.

I’ll go on record right now: having tattoos does not make me any less passionate about life. If anything, one could say I’m so incredibly passionate that I was willing to put permanent art work on my body (Yes, I have cupcake tattoos). Being inked up does in no way mean I worship Satan or that I put curses over the frosting. The cupcakes in jars are made with pure ingredients throughout the entire baking process, I swear.

I love things that are fluffy, chocolate is my favorite food group, and I always put my customers first. Despite the imagery going up my arms (and legs), I’m an incredibly smart, normal woman who runs…a…business. We should never judge a person by the colors in their skin.